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Supported AWS Services

ACMAWS Certificate Manager
ACMPCAAWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority
APIGatewayAmazon API Gateway
AccessAnalyzerAWS IAM Access Analyzer
AccountAWS Account
AmplifyAWS Amplify
ApiGatewayV2Amazon API Gateway V2
AutoScalingAWS Auto Scaling
CloudFrontAmazon CloudFront
CloudTrailAWS CloudTrail
CloudWatchAmazon CloudWatch
CloudWatchLogsAmazon CloudWatch Logs
CognitoIdentityAmazon Cognito Federated Identities
CognitoIdentityProviderAmazon Cognito Identity Pools (Federated Identities)
CognitoSyncAmazon Cognito Sync
ConfigServiceAWS Config
DAXAmazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
DirectoryServiceAWS Directory Service
DynamoDBAmazon DynamoDB
DynamoDBStreamsAmazon DynamoDB Streams
EC2Amazon EC2
ECRAmazon Elastic Container Registry
ECRPublicAWS ECR Public
ECSAmazon Elastic Container Service
EFSAmazon Elastic File System
ELBElastic Load Balancing
ELBV2Elastic Load Balancing V2 (ELBV2)
EMRContainersAmazon EMR on EKS
ElastiCacheAmazon ElastiCache
EventBridgeAmazon EventBridge
FirehoseAmazon Kinesis Data Firehose
GlacierAmazon S3 Glacier
GreengrassAWS Greengrass
GuardDutyAmazon GuardDuty
IAMAWS Identity and Access Management
InspectorAmazon Inspector
KMSAWS Key Management Service
KafkaAmazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK)
KinesisAmazon Kinesis
LambdaAWS Lambda
RDSAmazon Relational Database Service
RedshiftAmazon Redshift
Route53Amazon Route53
Route53DomainsAmazon Route53 Domains
Route53ResolverAmazon Route53 Resolver
S3Amazon S3
S3ControlAWS S3 Control
SFNAWS Step Functions
SNSAmazon Simple Notification Service
SQSAmazon Simple Queue Service
SSMAWS Systems Manager
SecretsManagerAWS Secrets Manager
WAFAWS Firewall Manager
WAFRegionalAWS WAF Classic Regional