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Supported AWS Regions

CloudYali is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive visibility into your AWS account. By default, our platform automatically discovers all the regions supported by AWS. This feature is essential in ensuring that you are aware of all the resources within your account, including those that were accidentally or maliciously spawned in regions that you may not have intended to enable or use.

It's important to note that CloudYali currently does not support the GovCloud (US-West) Region, GovCloud (US-East), Mainland China (Beijing) Region, and Mainland China (Ningxia) Region. We are continuously working to expand our platform's capabilities, and we will update our customers as soon as support for these regions becomes available.

AWS RegionRegion Name
af-south-1Africa (Cape Town)
ap-east-1Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
ap-northeast-1Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
ap-northeast-2Asia Pacific (Seoul)
ap-northeast-3Asia Pacific (Osaka)
ap-south-1Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
ap-south-2Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)
ap-southeast-1Asia Pacific (Singapore)
ap-southeast-2Asia Pacific (Sydney)
ap-southeast-3Asia Pacific (Jakarta)
ap-southeast-4Asia Pacific (Melbourne)
ca-central-1Canada (Central)
eu-east-1Europe (Madrid)
eu-central-1Europe (Frankfurt)
eu-central-2Europe (Zurich)
eu-north-1Europe (Stockholm)
eu-south-1Europe (Milan)
eu-south-2Europe (Spain)
eu-west-1Europe (Ireland)
eu-west-2Europe (London)
eu-west-3Europe (Paris)
me-south-1Middle East (Bahrain)
me-central-1Middle East (UAE)
sa-east-1South America (Sao Paulo)
us-east-1US East (N. Virginia)
us-east-2US East (Ohio)
us-west-1US West (N. California)
us-west-2US West (Oregon)