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Frquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an AWS Resource?

A resource is an entity in AWS that you can work with. Resources are created by AWS services as you use the features of the service. Examples include an Amazon EC2 instance, an Amazon S3 bucket, or an AWS CloudFormation stack. Some resource types can contain customer data. All resource types have attributes or metadata to describe the resource, including a name, description, and the Amazon resource name (ARN) that you use to uniquely reference a resource.

Most resource types also support tags. Tags are custom metadata that you can attach to your resources for a variety of purposes, such as cost allocation in your billing, security authorization using attribute-based access control, or to support your other categorization needs.

For a list of resource types CloudYali support please refer here.

Which regions may I use to onboard my AWS Accounts?

By default, CloudYali uses the us-east-1/N. Virginia AWS region for onboarding your AWS accounts. This means that you should change to the us-east-1 region in your console to begin the onboarding process.

If you have any constraints such as Service Control Policies (SCP) forcing you to use a different region, please contact us at support for assistance.